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Aseptic Technique: Instruments

Aseptic Technique in Rodent Surgery: Instruments

Key points to note

  • Instruments must be sterilised before they are used for aseptic surgery.
  • Ideally, a separate set of sterilised instruments should be used for each animal.
  • For batch surgery for rodents, an acceptable compromise is to sterilise the instrument tips using a hot bead steriliser.
  • Instruments first need to be cleaned using a sterile brush, in sterile water, to avoid becoming clogged with organic material.
  • Sterile water must be used, not saline for cleaning instruments before use of a hot-bead steriliser.
  • The instrument tips are briefly placed into the hot-bead steriliser, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Replace them on a sterile drape, ready for use on the next animal.
  • Briefly immersing instruments in alcohol is NOT an effective means of sterilisation.
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