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Aseptic Technique: Batch Surgery

Aseptic Technique in Rodent Surgery: Batch Surgery

Key points to note

  • Aseptic techniques can be maintained throughout a series of procedures but the use of an assistant becomes almost essential.
  • After completing the first procedure, the surgeon lifts and disposes of the sterile drape.
  • The assistant then moves the animal to a recovery area, or directly into a warm incubator.
  • The next animal to undergo surgery is then anaesthetised, clipped, positioned on the table and a skin preparation undertaken by the assistant.
  • Ideally, the surgeon will use a new set of instruments, but it is acceptable to use a hot bead steriliser to re-sterilise the tips of the instruments.
  • If a new set of instruments is to be used, the surgeon should re-glove before handling them.
  • This can be done without the need to re-gown.
  • The surgeon re-drapes the animal using a new sterile drape and carries out surgery.
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