How can I integrate RAT resources into my training?


Join the developers of Research Animal Training, Prof. Paul Flecknell and Jon Gledhill, and gain valuable insights into how research institutes are effectively using the platform to support the training of animal care and research staff. Learn about how integrating these resources into both your CPD framework and training of new investigators can save you time and money. Explore the resources available on the website and learn effective strategies for incorporating them into your instructional practices. Discover how to tailor the content to meet the specific needs and goals of your training courses and how to track the progress of learners.


  • Introduction (02:09)
  • Benefits for Learners (03:49)
  • Learner Profiles (05:53)
  • Group Administration (07:44)
  • Social Groups (16:19)
  • Animal Research Community Forums (23:16)
  • Roadmap (25:26)
  • Flipping the Classroom with Prof. Paul Flecknell (29:37)

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