• Webinar: What analgesic dose should I use and why?


    This seminar will review recent advances in pain assessment methods in laboratory species and discuss options for analgesic treatment. The difficult problem of determining the duration of treatment and frequency of dosing will be considered. Approaches to dealing with interactions between analgesic agents, pain, and research protocols will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be given to developing practical approaches to assessing and managing pain, and integrating this within an overall scheme of optimising animal welfare.

    Estimated webinar review time: 45 minutes
  • Birds in Research

    An article which introduces the use of birds in research and covers anatomy, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the reproductive system and regulations for birds included in the Home Office Code of Practice.

  • Webinar: Refinement of Anaesthesia


    This webinar, consisting of a series of short sections, deals with the issues of refinement of anaesthesia. It brings together information from a range of other modules to emphasise some of the important refinements that can be introduced into anaesthetic practice.

    Estimated webinar review time: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Webinar: How should we assess the severity of procedures in experimental animals and the impact of refinements?


    This webinar originally broadcast on May 20th 2020, examines the assumptions made when carrying out severity assessments, particularly in respect to the impact of refinements on both severity classification and animal welfare. In addition, the potential impact of “positive” welfare measures was discussed.

    Estimated webinar review time: 1 hour