UK Training Courses

In the UK, all those conducting research on animals that falls within the scope of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act are required to undertake specific training courses.  These courses are comprised of a series of modules. Other individuals with responsibilities under this Act are also required to undertake some components of this modular training.

The articles on this website complement the training of individuals who need to obtain a Home Office Personal Licence (PIL) (specifically, a PIL A/B category licence). Additional notes are provided for those needing a PIL C licence in order to carry out surgical procedures or procedures requiring complex anaesthetic techniques.

These articles also provide information that will support some of the training needs of those applying for a Project Licence (PPL). The notes provide information to meet the majority of the learning outcomes specified for each training module. Some learning outcomes require practical tuition (for example in animal handling) and this tuition will be usually be provided in the individual’s host institution.

Other individuals who have responsibilities in undertaking or overseeing research that involves the use of animals are also required to complete some of the modules and these are detailed in the Home Office guidance.

Training aims

The overall aims of Home Office Licensee training is to provide appropriate education and training of persons concerned with the conduct of procedures on animals that are regulated under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act.

The specific objectives will vary depending upon the modules you are required to undertake.

The training course you attend and any e-learning modules you undertake, together with these articles will provide the essential information you require. You will need to obtain more detailed information on specific topics relevant to your work. This can be obtained both from references and textbooks and from the professional advisors in your establishment (e.g. the Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS), Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer (NACWO), Named Information Officer (NIO) and Home Office Liaison Contact (HOLC)).