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PIL C (UK) Learning Path

eLearning modules

The eModules below support UK Personal Licence, Category C (PIL C) training and may be assigned by your course leader.

Study Time: 9-11 hours.

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eModule – Pre-Anaesthetic Preparations (EU21-1)

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eModule – Choosing an Anaesthetic (EU21-2)

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eModule – Anaesthetic Monitoring and Intraoperative Care (EU21-3)

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eModule – Anaesthetic Breathing Systems, Airway Management and Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (EU21-4)

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eModule – Anaesthetic Management and Preventing Problems (EU21-5)

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eModule – Post Anaesthetic Care (EU21-6)

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eModule – Pain Alleviation (EU21-7)

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eModule – Pain Assessment (EU21-8)

Course articles

The articles listed below support the learning outcomes required for all the modules needed for a UK Personal Licence, category C.

This site allows you to track which articles you have read. Remember to mark articles as read when you’ve finished each one. have been marked read. Your overall read completion for the PIL C course can be seen in the circular graph below.

Advanced Anaesthesia for Surgical or Prolonged Procedures (EU21)

Reading Time: 2h 30m

Principles of Surgery (EU22)

Reading Time: 45m