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Module K (UK) Learning Path

Module K (EU6.3) is a module for people who will carry out euthanasia of animals using methods listed in Schedule 1 of A(SP)A (or Annex IV of the EU Directive), but will not undertake any regulated procedures. Your Institution training officer should have confirmed that your work does not require a Personal licence.

This module includes all of the material in Humane Methods of Killing (EU6.1) but also includes articles from other training modules. Once you have read and understood the material listed in the reading list, you will have met the learning outcomes for this module. You will also be given practical training in appropriate methods for individual species within your own Institution.

  • This site allows you to track which articles you have read.
  • Remember to mark articles as read when you’ve finished each one.


National Legislation (EU1)

Ethics, Animal Welfare and the 3Rs (EU2)

Animal Care, Health and Management (EU4)

Humane Methods of Killing (EU6)

eLearning module

The eModule below supports Module K training and may be assigned by your course leader.

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Link to Humane Methods of Killing Laboratory Animals eModule

eModule – Humane Methods of Killing (EU6)