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Learner Accounts are purchased in bulk and assigned to students by an Instructor as part of a Training Group. Inclusion in a Training Group allows an Instructor to track the progress of each student. Learner Accounts are purchased by the Training course leader, provide access to the site for 5 years and cost £10 GBP for each student.

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Learner account payments are managed by Newcastle University in the UK and by FLAIRE Consultants outside of the UK.

We offer a trial Instructor Account which will grant full site access in addition to 3 trial Learner Accounts so you can try out our tracking feature. Trial accounts are free and grant membership to instructors and learners for 3 months. Please contact us at support@researchanimaltraining.com to apply.

Learner Account provides access to the site for 5 years and costs £10 GBP for each student. You may purchase additional Learner Accounts when you need to register additional students. For example, if you purchase 20 accounts for a training course and run the course with 15 students. For your next course, you have 5 accounts remaining but may need to purchase an additional 10 accounts if you have another 15 students attending. Accounts can be requested and payment arranged by contacting the support team at support@researchanimaltraining.com.

Yes. We have supporting guides for learners and instructors on how to use this site when training or being trained.

Thanks for getting in touch. Our support team is limited due to the current COVID-19 crisis but please be assured we will be in touch as soon as we are able.

We appreciate that the Research Animal Training website is currently focused on UK legislation while given mention of regulations when working in the EU.

Although it is good to give access to all the material on the site to all registered users, this can create some concerns for course organisers outside of the UK. If you are sending your course participants to the site to look at specific modules, it may be confusing if the text mentions UK or EU specific information, particularly concerning legislation.

Our roadmap includes structuring the site so that it can “hide” some of the very specific information (eg the UK law) unless a participant from outside the UK really wanted to access the information. Several of the current modules and supporting notes also use UK or European terminology such as “Named Veterinary Surgeon” and “Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body”. We will edit the content so that it uses more generic terminology, especially for those of you accessing the site from outside Europe. This edited content would be presented to users from outside Europe, the current versions would be presented to Europeans. I should add that we would also aim to produce “non-UK” versions for our European colleagues.

We can’t promise to make these changes immediately, as we have some very tight deadlines with our current module development program, but we already have the required changes to the web interface in place, and hope to start adjusting content over the next few months.