1. eModule – Design of procedures and projects (level 2) (EU11)

eModule – Design of procedures and projects (level 2) (EU11)

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This eModule has been developed to to meet the learning outcomes in EU Module 11 Design of procedures and projects (level 2) and is aimed at research workers who will be required to develop, direct and control a programme of work in order to achieve its stated objectives. They will need to achieve this while ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the national and international regulatory framework governing their project. This will include implementation of the Three R’s throughout the programme of work. It is essential that those individuals who are designing and directing research projects that involve the use of live animals understand their legal responsibilities.

The ethical and welfare issues raised by the use of animals in scientific procedures are addressed in detail in the second part of this eModule. Those intending to design and manage projects should be able to apply an understanding of these issues to their specific program of work and a broad overview of these issues is included in this module.

The eModule is in two parts.