Skin clips, staples and tissue adhesive

Suturing is quick and easy once the techniques have been mastered. An alternative to skin sutures is to close with clips or staples.

Skin clips

Different types of clips are available and are supplied using specific applicator forceps. They should be placed approximately 8-10mm apart and must be sterile before they are used. The major disadvantage of some clips (e.g. Michel) is the potential for over-tightening, made more likely if the person applying them is inexperienced. Over-tightening leads to local tissue damage and breakdown, pain and a focus for bacterial growth. Some types of clips come with an applicator, which releases them when they are sufficiently tight, making over-crimping less likely. In the hands of an experienced person the use of skin clips for closure may be a satisfactory approach.

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Updated on 6th June 2020

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