Recording and scoring animals

Score sheets

Careful records of what is abnormal in an animal, and also what is normal need to be made. You can keep records in a reproducible way by using a score sheet. By giving scores to the different abnormalities you identify, using some carefully defined criteria, you should be able to track the progress of an animal’s welfare.

If you treat the animals or carry out some other remedial measures, such as giving softened diet, then be sure to also record this, and the animals’ response.

You can combine use of a scoring system with video or still images to record specific features of your examination.If you give an animal an overall low score but you scored one sign high then you should seek veterinary or other specialist advice, and monitor the animal more closely. You should check the study protocol to see what signs of poor welfare were anticipated, and what actions should be taken.

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Updated on 18th September 2022

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