Preparing for surgery – the surgical team

When undertaking aseptic surgery, it is much easier (and more comfortable) to change into a “scrub suit” and then wear a sterile gown.

Clothing worn beneath the surgical gown should consist of:

  • A clean scrub suit, the shirt tucked into the trousers.
  • Footwear, which is only worn in the surgical suite and is cleaned frequently.
  • A cap, which should cover all the hair.
  • A facemask, which fits snugly.

Prior to “scrubbing”:

  • Take off all rings and jewellery and ensure that nails are short and all nail polish is removed.
  • The gowning pack consisting of the surgical gown and sterile hand towels is opened. In opening the pack only the outside surfaces of the paper are grasped leaving the inner surfaces free from contamination. Personnel should take care not to pass their hands over the opened pack.
  • A pair of sterile, disposable gloves of the appropriate size should be opened, without touching the contents, and placed beside the gowning pack.

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Updated on 12th May 2020

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