Laboratory guinea pig biology

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Physiological values

Table: Physiological Values - Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig
Adult body weight: male900-1200g
Adult body weight: female700-900g
Birth weight70-100g
Life span4-5 years
Food consumption6g/100g/day
Water consumption10ml/100g/day
Breeding onset: male600-700g (3-4 months)
Breeding onset: female350-450g (2-3 months)
Cycle length15-17 days
Gestation period59-72 days
Postpartum estrusFertile, 60-80% pregnancy
Litter size2-5
Weaning age150-200g (14-21 days)
Breeding duration18 months – 4 years
Commercial4-5 litters

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Updated on 16th June 2021

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