EU1 Learning Outcomes

National legislation

This module provides a relevant level of understanding of the national and international legal and regulatory framework within which projects involving animals are constructed and managed and of the legal responsibilities of the people involved, i.e. those carrying out procedures on animals; designing procedures and projects; taking care of animals; or killing animals, and may cover other relevant legislation.

Trainees should be able to:

1.1. Identify and describe the national and EU laws and guidance which regulate the scientific use of animals and in particular the activities of those carrying out scientific procedures involving them.

1.2. Identify and describe related animal welfare legislation.

1.3. Describe the authorisation that is needed before acting as user, breeder or supplier of laboratory animals and especially the authorisation required for projects and where applicable individuals.

1.4. List sources of information and support that are available (regarding national legislation).

1.5. Describe the role of the personnel mentioned in Article 24, 25 and 26, and their statutory duties and other responsibilities under the National Legislation.

1.6. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the local animal welfare bodies and the national committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

1.7. Indicate who is responsible for compliance at an establishment and how this responsibility may be exercised (e.g. through the local AWB).

1.8. Describe when a procedure becomes regulated under National legislation (minimum threshold of pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm).

1.9. Indicate who bears primary responsibility for the animals undergoing procedures.

1.10. List which species, including respective stages of development that are included in the scope of the Directive / National law.

1.11. Indicate the circumstances in which animals under the scope of the Directive should be humanely killed or removed from the study to receive veterinary treatment.

1.12. Describe the legislative controls over the killing of animals bred or used for scientific procedures

Updated on 10th May 2019

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